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This is how headers help improve car engine performance

This is how headers help improve car engine performance

This is how headers help improve car engine performance

The  headers are the individual exhaust pipes easy to install that help significantly to improve the performance of your car engine. Its main objective is to relieve the load on the propellant by pushing the gases out of the cylinders.

The  headers allow the rapid exit of the exhaust gases from the engine. Traditional exhaust manifolds are a bit restrictive and create a bit of back pressure in the engine, reducing engine power and increasing fuel consumption

The main idea of ​​the headers is to eliminate the back pressure of the manifold

The main idea of ​​the headers  is to eliminate the back pressure of the manifold. Instead of just one for all cylinders, each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe. These come together in a larger conduit called a collector. Each tube must have the same dimension and length, as they are the same, it guarantees that the gas in each cylinder moves with enough space and equitably to the collector, thereby preventing back pressure from being generated by the cylinders sharing the same collector.

As we said, it is very important that the headers are well designed and tailored for each car model . This will ensure a normal development in their functions without any setback.

Here we have put together a list of some of the advantages of using headers in the car.

  1. Better exit to the exhaust gases.
  2. Less effort of the engine in the evacuation of gases.
  3. Less turbulence and counter-pressure of the exhaust gases.
  4. Improves the entry of the new mixture to the engine.
  5. Increases engine power during acceleration without increasing gasoline.

It is advisable to investigate if your car could use the change to headers , since certain brands of cars have designed the engines precisely taking into account the back pressure or throttling that is generated in the exhaust pipe. There are even leaks with a pressure sensor, which, when detecting altered or reduced pressure, generates problems in the normal development of the vehicle.