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How long do car brake discs last?

How long do car brake discs last?

How long do car brake discs last?

The brake system of your vehicle has a simple but important task: stopping the vehicle or slow down when necessary. Without the care and technology that has been given to this system over the years, more and more victims would die from collisions on the roads every day. That is why knowing how it works is important.

The disc brakes are exposed (no cylinder) and held by a clamp. When the brake is pressed, the brake fluid presses the pistons against the two pads that sandwich the disc.

Disc brakes are undoubtedly essential in high-end , muscular and sports cars, since they are able to resist more heat; while drum brakes work well on economy cars that are used for everyday use, such as compacts and SUVs.

How long do brake discs last?

Under normal driving conditions, rotors should last 30,000 to 70,000 miles or more. But the type of disc, together with the urban or aggressive driving style, cause the discs to wear differently.

In addition, the semi-metallic pads that exist on the market, can cause excessive wear of the disc.

When the brake pads are already badly worn, the brakes make a squealing sound. The sound was implemented in cars on purpose so that drivers knew when to change them. Some cars even have sensors to alert their drivers on the latest models.

Performing maintenance on the brakes will extend the life of the discs.


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