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What is a bearing on a car and when should we repair it?

What is a bearing on a car and when should we repair it?

What is a bearing on a car and when should we repair it?

The shield Car is one of the most important parts of a vehicle, it is the element that allows the energy from the differential to be transmitted to the wheels. 

What We Need To Repair?

Therefore, keep the shield in good condition is essential and for that we must know how to detect in time when it needs a repair. 

  • Rattle-like metallic noise when turning the steering. In traffic, noise increases when cornering.
  • When accelerating, a dry noise is perceived.
  • Poor wheel alignment.
  • Uneven tire wear.
  • The direction of the vehicle is loose or imprecise.
  • By use. Normal wear occurs from 62,000 to 93,000 miles. At that time, it is necessary to do a review and observe the wear.
  • By impacts. It can be damaged if a stone, curb or other element directly hits the bearing.
  • Due to lubrication problems.
  • For damage to the clamps. The clamps that hold the dust seal in place can loosen or break causing the grease to begin to drip and leave the system dry.

If a bearing is in poor condition, some symptoms are noted that help detect that they are failing.


The most significant symptoms of a damaged bearing are:

It is recommended that in the event of any suspected breakdown, the trusted mechanic be contacted as soon as possible. This way we will be assuring a reliable driving and it is also possible to avoid major damage to the transmission.

The pailers must always be in optimal conditions and we must be alert to the various reasons why they can be damaged. 

These are some of the reasons why they are damaged.