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Top 10 Highest Annual Insurance Premiums Cars

Top 10 Highest Annual Insurance Premiums Cars

Top 10 Highest Annual Insurance Premiums Cars

If you want low insurance fees, you can drive a minivan or a compact crossover. But what if you like luxury and sports cars? Well, get ready to dig into your bank accounts to cover expenses.

Insurance Rates (Case Study)

According to the annual study of insurance rates conducted by, the “usual” car with the highest tariffs for 2019 is the Nissan GT-R sports car. But the first place on the list is occupied by the extremely expensive Buggati Chiron Sport 110 Ans car with much, much higher insurance costs.

This year, Godzilla and Buggati highlight what has been the leader in high-budget cars, the Mercedes-Benz AMG S65. With this, Mercedes is responsible for half of the 10 most expensive cars to be insured. All five of these cars are ultra-luxury and / or high-performance models.

Another factor that makes these cars expensive is the desire of their owners to keep these luxury cars in good shape.

This means that if the car will have the slightest problem, or the slightest scratch, then its owner will immediately rush to repair it.

Mercedes-Benz S560 4MATIC ($ 3,514 / year)

The S560 version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class flagship may be slower and less expensive than the AMG variants, but again you will have to pay a lot to cover the costs. The S560 packs the twin-turbo V8 engine with 463 horsepower. The standard with all active tires and a range of the latest features contribute little to keep the cost of insurance premiums for a car starting at $ 105,000.

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 ($ 3,549 / year)

it’s easy to get into trouble after the wheels of this AMG-treated car, especially with the 577-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. The price of this car starts from $ 155,000.

Mercedes-AMG S65 ($ 3,585 / year)

We’re amazed at how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class S65 AMG version mentioned earlier – priced at $ 233,000 + and the twin-turbo V12 engine with 621 horsepower – is only $ 71 more expensive to make than the S560. 4MATIC number 10 on this list.

BMW i8 ($ 3,603 / year)

The BMW i8 is a hybrid plug-in coupe that comes with a futuristic style. Reinforced carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body with doors that open vertically, and priced starting at $ 147,000, the cost of getting it back in shape after an accident should be very high.

BMW M760i xDrive ($ 3,705 / year)

The same goes for the M version with the high price and more power of the BMW Serie 7. flagship 7. The price of this car starts at $ 157,000, and is definitely very fast for such a large and heavy sedan with the V12 engine 601 horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG GT R ($ 3,571 / year)

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT comes packaged in sporty style and packs a handful, in terms of speed and cost. The Coupe R has 577 horsepower coming with the twin-turbo V8 engine under its skin. The price starts at $ 160,000, which also explains the high insurance fees.

Porsche Panamera ($ 3,887 / year)

That wouldn’t be a “list of cars with the highest insurance rates” without at least one Porsche, right? The base model starts at $ 100,000 and uses a 330 horsepower V6 engine alone.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650 ($ 3,917 / year)

The largest model of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class line is insanely expensive, with a price starting at $ 200,000. This explains the costly insurance premiums, with the V12 engine with 621 horsepower.

Nissan GT-R ($ 3,941 / year)

The second most expensive car to be insured for the 2019 models is one of the only two non-German cars on the list. Not only does it have a starting price of $ 100,000, but it practically begs to be driven at an illegal speed scale, with the 565-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine.

Buggati Chiron Sport 110 Ans ($ 50,251 / year)

All the cars mentioned above had insurance costs with not so big differences. But the Buggati Chiron Sport 110 Ans is an annual wild and cruel cost. It is the most expensive car in the US to be insured, with an annual cost of $ 50,251, which translates to $ 4,188 per month. The Chiron Sport 110 Ans has a price tag of $ 3,600,000 and is limited to just 20 units.