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The Fastest Cars of Any Decade

The Fastest Cars of Any Decade

The Fastest Cars of Any Decade

Below we will list the fastest cars that have been manufactured and purchased by humans over the decades. We will start in 1900.

In 1928, the speed record was 191 km / h. In 300,000 years of human history, it was the greatest speed at which humans traveled while in contact with the earth.

The Blue Bird III, a 24-liter aircraft engine, along with the skill and bravery of Malcolm Campbell (1885-1948), achieved this.

How performance has evolved in the fastest cars over the decades

In 2019, any of us who can afford it, can drive a car at the same maximum speed.

Luxurious, pompous, fully secured Continental GT car is capable of reaching the speed of the terminal as the fastest car ever invented since 1928. So much has evolved the performance of road cars for 90 years!

1900: Mercedes-Simplex 60 HP – top speed 117,482 km / h

The first internal combustion engines were neither powerful nor reliable. Therefore the fastest cars of every decade, or after the launch of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen in 1885 were powered by a steam engine, not fuel.

The fastest car in 1980 was the Steamer, from the Stanley firm, which reached a speed of 56,327 km / h instead of the 16 km / h achieved by the Benz.

But the combustion engines advanced quickly. Developed as a luxury car in 1903, the Mercedes-Simplex 60HP received 60 horsepower from the 9293cc four-cylinder engine in a row. This helped him reach a speed of 117,482 km / h.

Today, Dacia Sandero, the cheapest car in Britain, easily defeats it.

1910: Austro-Daimler Prince Harry – top speed 136 km / h

The engine in this Austrian car was a 5714cc with four cylinders in a line, developing 95 horsepower. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche. What happened to him?

1920: Duesenberg Model J – 119 horsepower, top speed 191 km / h

The 6900cc six-cylinder engine in a Model J line had 265 horsepower. It introduced various innovative technologies, including two-plate friction, electric and mechanical fuel pumps, and hydraulic servo brakes. Only 430 such cars were produced.

1930: Duesenberg Model SJ – top speed 225 km / h

Ignoring the gray clouds of the economic storm of the period, Duesenberg defeated Model J with a new supercharged version. With an output of 320 horsepower, the car reached a speed of 167.37 km / h in the second gear (it had only three gears). The founder of the American company Fred Duesenberg died in a car accident just two months after the launch of the SJ, and a depression eventually led to the end of the firm in 1937.

Only 36 SJs were produced. An SSJ version, owned by movie star Gary Cooper, sold in 2018 for $ 18 million, making it the highest value American car.

1940: Jaguar XK 129 – top speed 215 km / h

The star of the London car show in 1948, the XK with 162 horsepower marked the re-emergence of Jaguar after the war. The 3441cc six-cylinder engine led the car to a record number of cars ever produced, with a top speed of 215 km / h in Ostend. 12,045 such machines were produced by 1953.

1950: Mercedes-Benz 300SL – top speed 246 km / h

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the 300SL was not the first car to use fuel – the title goes for a Goliath GP700 that is not known by others.

A detail of this car that was greatly liked by movie stars, are the doors which open vertically.

With its shiny body, low roof, jewels like jewelry, 300 SL became the symbol of the recovery of Germany and Europe.

But it wasn’t entirely new. The 2996cc engine with 215 horsepower was powered by the Daimler-Benz V12 housed in the Messerschmit Bf109 World War II fighter jet.

1960: Lamborghini Miura – top speed 280 km / h

Low, wide and full of power, Miura still lives after 50 years. Despite the frontal part, this was a super-car that was not defeated by aerodynamics.

Power came from a V12-mounted engine that produced 345 horsepower.

1970: Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer – top speed 303 km / h

Miura’s success and speed convinced Ferrari that she too had to follow the same path for her supercar. The 1976 512 had a 4943cc engine with 12 cylinders in a line, giving the car 335 horsepower.

1980: Ferrari F40 – top speed 325 km / h

Ferrari continues to hold the crown of the fastest car for another decade. This time with the F40 model, which has the 2936cc V8 engine with two turbos, which develops 471 horsepower.

1990: McLaren F1 – top speed 386 km / h

When you’re building a car that costs $ 689,000 plus taxes, you don’t need to dwell on specifications. That’s why McLaren used F1 to introduce the carbon fiber car to the world.

With three seats, and 240 horsepower, the supercar weighs as little as possible. The 6064cc BMW V12 engine produced 618 horsepower.

McLaren will soon introduce the new Speedtail model. The hybrid hyper-car will produce 1,070 horsepower from the 4.0-liter V8 hybrid engine and will have a top speed of 402,336 km / h.

2000-2009: Shelby Ultimate Aero TT – top speed 414 km / h

Ever since Duesenberg left the throne, history has been dominated by European firms. In the new century Shelby changed everything with this sample with 1,183 horsepower. Power comes from the 6,345cc V8 engine taken from the Corvette C5.

But you have to be careful with it, the car has neither ABS nor road control on the menu. It sold for $ 550,000.

2010: Koenigsegg Agera RS – top speed 447 km / h

Seeing Veyron’s maximum speed to be defeated in 2005 by Shelby, Bugatti returned to the battle with the updated Veyron Super Sports model which had 1200 horsepower from the 7993cc W16 engine, with a top speed of 431 km / h.

But in 2017 the Swedish Koenigsegg Agera RS recorded a top speed of 447 km / h from the 5000cc twin-turbo V8 engine, which has 1360 horsepower.

2020: ….. 

At the Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg unveiled the $ 3 million 1578-horsepower hypermachine, Jesko, which the company hopes will be the first car to reach a top speed of 482 km / h.

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