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Five Tips For Car Immobility

Five Tips For Car Immobility

Five Tips For Car Immobility

Car in immobility with protection hood, On the occasion of the lockdown and the reduction of travel to a minimum, Nissan gives advice for the protection of our car .

The 5 simple Nissan care tips for the parked car, in the days of Covid-19, are:

  1. Keep the battery charged. This can be achieved either with a short walk, or with a charger.
  2. Drive around the building block of your neighborhood. This way the battery will remain charged and the liquids will circulate in the car’s systems.
  3. Check the level of lubricant in the engine and brake fluid to avoid unwanted road conditions.
  4. Maintain the recommended tire pressure to avoid any damage due to immobilization.
  5. Wash your vehicle regularly, as this way you protect its color, especially if the car is parked outdoors.