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Best Tips For Driving Economically

Best Tips For Driving Economically

The best tips for driving economically

Economic driving is about road safety and spending as little as possible on your car, including fuel, oils , parts and more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your GEM motors assisted car.

Here Some Car Tips That Gonna Help You 

Make sure your car is maintained. An engine that is not maintained can consume up to 50% fuel that is needed.

Go on time when auto-columns are shorter. The reception in the long auto-columns consumes a lot of fuel.

Eliminate very short trips. Walk or bike if you have a job somewhere near your home.

Do not carry unnecessary weight. Just look if you have what you need.

Most cars operate best at speeds of 80-90 km / h. Every 5 km / h more on this consumes more fuel than is needed.
Be sure what route you will use before leaving. It is estimated that over 350 thousand tons of fuel is spent on drivers who lose their way.

Keep quietly. Sudden gas as well as instantaneous braking can consume over 40% of the fuel, as well as consuming brakes and friction increasing the likelihood of a visit to the mechanic.

Consider buying a smaller and more efficient car.