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5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

The car needs services from time to time, especially after a certain period or miles traveled. If you want to know the signs that your car needs a trip to the mechanic, take a look at the following five symptoms.

List of Car’s Symptoms 

  • Engine light on the screen
  • Strange noises
  • Smoke or steam coming out of the hood
  • Vibration or traction during braking
  • Less comfort while driving

Engine light on the screen

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Most modern cars are programmed to tell you when the car needs repair. If a yellow light “check the engine” appears on the instrument panel, you should immediately send the car to a mechanic. Yellow light can signal a range of problems.

Some cars also have a service light that will light up when it’s time to perform the car service. Although this signal should not bother you, it is best not to ignore it for a long time.

Strange noises

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Any new noise in your car that you haven’t heard of before, is a sign that you need to check the car before serious problems appear.

Here are some of the noises you may hear from the car, and their meaning:

Noise under the hood – Usually caused by a loose strap, which can cause a range of problems, from overheating to battery problems.

Noise discharge higher than usual – This could be a hole or a fracture in the marmots. These are easy to repair, but need to be repaired in time as there is a risk that the exhaust pipe will fall off.

Irregular engine noise – You may hear this noise when the car does not get the gas properly. This means that it needs to be fixed immediately. Electric spark plugs may need to be replaced, but may indicate a more serious engine problem.

Metal-to-Metal – Any abrasive noise coming from the car must be adjusted urgently. This can be a broken part of the car that erodes another part, thus causing damage to both.

Prolonged noise when stepping on the brakes – This may be an indication that the brake pedal is worn out.

Jumping noises from gears – If you hear noises when you change gears, chances are your car needs repair. Because the gearbox can be worn, fluids or parts of it may need to be replaced. 

Smoke or steam coming out of the hood

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Usually caused by overheating and problems with the radiator, the steam is usually white. You need to check the car, but that doesn’t mean you’re in danger of steaming out from under the hood.

Take a look at the car’s temperature. If it’s at maximum, stop and wait until the car cools down before you start driving again. When the machine is in operation, the needle should be in the middle of the gauge.

If you notice blue smoke coming out of the car, stop in a safe place. Get someone to pull your car up to the garage. Blue smoke is caused by burnt oil, and can cause costly problems if not fixed in time.

Excessive exhaust fumes can also signal an oil leak. This may be due to a number of problems, including:
  • Piston damage
  • Damage to valve seals
  • Damage to piston rings
  • Engine oil seals consumed

Vibration or traction during braking

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

This can be due to wear of the discs or brake pedals, a depreciation problem, or a steering problem. Driving in such conditions is not safe so send your car to the service as soon as possible.

These marks may also be due to tire wear , so check if the tires have the required minimum surface depth – 1.6 mm.

Less comfort while driving

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

If you feel that your car is slow, or hear tires digging in the arch of your car’s wheels it’s time to do a check. Each of these symptoms can be a sign of a problem with depreciation.

These are just some of the signs that your car needs service. But for the car to always be in shape, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take care of it constantly.